The Dust Bowl,

Watch 2 episodes of the documentary: The Dust Bowl, episodes 2 & 3.

Watch movie – Of Mice and Men.

All three are free on Amazon Prime.

Then answer questions 1-4 below.

There are many lessons to be learned from this assignment.  I also believe that any consideration of the workforce needs to look at work, economies and workers who live outside the coastal cities, large cities.

1. Did you learn anything from this period that has any relevance to today’s world in general and to work in particular?

2. What about the environment, climate and man’s impact?

3. What role did the government play in causing the problems or in creating the solutions?

4. In what way do you see history repeating itself?  Do think it has little or no relevance?  What do you think?

Size:  1.5 pages.

Style: Double spaced font size 12.

Turnaround: Need by Monday 9:00am EST 1/4/19.

Budget: $8