Vanderbilt is a case study for the dreaded EHR conversion

Please include the resources provided to complete this assignment

· Module 2.2 Learning Resources 


· Barkholtz, D. (2017). Vanderbilt is a case study for the dreaded EHR conversion. Retrieved from: 

· Epic. Patient engagement. Accessed from:  

· Media:

deBronkart, D. [e-Patient Dave]. (2011, April 7). TEDx Maastricht-Dave deBronkart-aka e-Patient Dave: Let patients help! [Video file]. Retrieved from

Module 2.2 Activity 

This Learning Activity will help you to develop skills and knowledge that you will need for the Competency Assessments. It is highly recommended that you complete this optional activity.

Participatory Healthcare Informatics

After viewing the video “Let Patients Help”, address the following in your paper:

· Explain the driving forces behind the emergence and continuing evolution of the ePatient movement.

· Analyze the issues and challenges associated with the use of social media in healthcare and healthcare education.

· Describe driving forces behind the mHealth movement.

Include a minimum of two scholarly resources to support your statements.

Provide current creditable sources supporting your statements. 

Prepare this paper according to current APA guidelines. 

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