What Do Principals Do?

Week 6 Discussion 1 – What Do Principals Do?

After completing this week’s Readings and Resources, access the link below and read the article by Fred C. Lunenburg.

This article is all about what principals do. However, a section of the article addresses planning skills. Notice that in Figure 1 in the diagram, Planning is at the top. We all believe that the principal is the instructional leader in the building. Realistic planning can be challenging. As you reflect on this, respond to the following questions:

  • Might there be changes you will need to make as a leader to be sure that planning is not cheated?
  • If planning really defines the future and how to get there, how will you plan for your school daily, weekly, monthly, even a year in advance?

Your initial responses are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be between 200-250 words. The initial posting should be a statement of your point of view on the question, supported by the required readings. You are also required to post a response to at least two of your fellow classmates by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday and it should be between 50-75 words each. The responses should also be a substantive response that demonstrates a comprehension of the reading material. Responses such as “I agree” or “I disagree” are not acceptable or will not be counted as a response.