Why won’t Why won’t they just take their pills

Medication Adherence and Interprofessional Collaboration

Why won’t they just take their pills?”

The reasons for medication non-adherence can be complex. Just because a person is prescribed medication does not mean that they will take that medication. What is the role of a social worker in this situation? While it is important for social workers to understand medications and the effects of medications, prescribing medication is outside a social worker’s scope of practice. This means that social workers must work both with clients and with other health professionals when addressing medication adherence.

For this Discussion, you consider the role of the social worker within an interdisciplinary team in supporting a client’s treatment plan.

  • Describe 2-3 different reasons why an individual may not take their medication as prescribed.
  • Explain the role of the social worker in addressing medication adherence.

Describe specific skills or strategies you would use both with the client and the prescribing health professional to address medication adherence