What is Homeland Security Anyway

Scenario One: What is Homeland Security Anyway?

Assignment: Your boss, the newly elected Representative from the 9th District of Indiana, has been assigned to the US House of Representatives Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC). He does not have a background in public safety, and ran primarily on a government reform program.

He turned to you, his new legislative aide, for a briefing. He asks “So, what is this homeland security thing, anyway?” 


Answer the Representatives’ question. Provide a one-page memo on what homeland security is (i.e. define Homeland Security), with your recommendations on where she should focus as a Member of Congress new to this policy area. Use your readings from Week Two, reviewing Bellavita, the readings authors (Bullock, Oliver, et. al) and current policy doctrine by DHS (their mission, the various policy strategies and doctrine).

Remember to defend your choice for what homeland security is, and defend your reasoning and recommendation.

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