what they do in big data analytics and data visualization

For each of the listed companies, look them up online. Learn about them and what they do in big data analytics and data visualization. Note: they each do more than one thing. I am looking for detailed analysis.

· SAS Institute

· Teradata


· Datameer

· IBM Corp

· Netezza

· Cloudera

· Tableau

· Microsoft (including but not limited to open R)

· Google

Create a PowerPoint. Have 1 slide per company. Use that slide to describe 

1) what are all the products/services the company has for others to use when it comes to big data analytics and visualization, 

(2) where you would rate them from analytically impaired to analytical competitor (see the table/chart from the beginning of the semester in the summary slide pdf files).  Include reference links to webpages you visited down in the area “click here to add notes” under the slides.