Change Management

Change Management

Congratulations! After all your hard work, you have been promoted from your position as project leader to Director of the Wells Clinical Research Institute, with the condition that you will implement a new data management software program within your first three months of the new position.

Here are some of the issues with which you will be working:

  • The “old” data management system crashed three times in the last month, and it cost your research site 3 days of work (impacting 2 major protocols).
  • The lead data coordinator had also competed for the “director” position that you received, and is very bitter about being “passed over” for the promotion.
  • The new data management software was chosen by the information technology director of the Institute without any input from the data coordinator team.
  • Your data coordinator staffing situation is in flux, as two of the six data coordinators have given notice of resignation, and one coordinator is out on medical leave for three more months.
  • The “old” data management records have been converted to the new format and the information technology department is ready to upload the new software package when you give them permission to move forward.

This is your assignment:

Using two (2) theoretical models of planned change discussed in this class, initiate, manage and implement the change-over from the old data management software to the new software.

Your deliverable:

  • APA format (cover page, body, and references) – 3-5 pages (not including cover or references)
  • Use Kurt Lewin’s Change Model and John Kotter’s Eight Steps for Leading Organizational Change to discuss how you will successfully engage your staff in the change-over of the data management software. 

Your paper will follow this type of model:

  • Title page
  • Introduction to discuss the situation (from your perspective) and your opinion on which model fits your personality and the situation better.
  • Body – Discuss how you would implement the Lewin Model and then discuss the Kotter Model
  • Conclusion – Summarize why you would choose one model over the other
  • References