Tales of Buddhism in Japan

tales of Times Now Past: Tales of Buddhism in Japan (February 7): Describe the various manifestations of the supernatural world in at least three of these stories: “How E no Ubasoku Recited Spells and Employed Demonic Deities” (82); “How a Government Clerk of Higo Province Escaped a Rakshasa” (87); “How a Monk of the Dōjōji in the Province of Kii Copied the Lotus Sutra and Brought Salvation to Serpents” (93); “About a Man Who Copied the Lotus Sutra to Save the Soul of a Fox” (96); “How Kaya no Yoshifuji, of Bitchū Province, Became the Husband of a Fox and Was Saved by Kannon” (102); “How an Invisible Man Regained Corporeal Form through Kannon’s Aid” (110).

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