Bracketing” and reflexivity journal including the pre- and post- interview reflections

You will provide two documents for this assignment. This information will be from the in-class conducted interviews.

Document 1 :

Your “Bracketing” and reflexivity journal including the pre- and post- interview reflections.

Document 2 :

From the recorded in-class interview sessions, transcribe all questions/statements/remarks from both your (the interviewer) and your partner (interviewee). At the bottom of the transcription and after reviewing your word-for-word transcription, identify at least four areas where you might have asked further questions to acquire deeper and richer information:

1. Note where you might have asked these during the interview process

2. Then write what question(s) you might have specifically asked

3. Write a paragraph or two of your reflections of what you took from this transcription activity

The interview question, 

What your lived experience doing your MBA program? how impact the lived experience, Family, Self -core, Professors, Peers, and Life balance.

Pleases deliver the answer by the due date, this assignment will be submitted to Turnitin® No copy or matching will be accepted.

Thank you 

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