Businesses, NGO, Government Organizations

Advanced Spreadsheets : Excel – Businesses, NGO, Government Organizations

– Conditional Formatting (Home tab) 

o Create income statement with minimum 8 line items. By changing, revenue line item, the income statement may show either profit or loss. Using conditional formatting, mark profit (net income) green; otherwise make it red.

– Sparklines

o Using publically available data (Google Finance, Yahoo Finance), get 4 quarters of net income / loss for the following commerce / retail companies: Wallmart, Alibaba, JD, Amazon, Mercado Libre, Sears, Macy, Best Buy. Based on 4 quarters data, using sparklines, please depict trend. Show both line sparklines and column sparklines.

– Mortgage calculation – calculate monthly mortgage using Excel build-in function

o Variables to be used:

§ M = monthly mortgage payment.

§ P = the principal, or the initial amount you borrowed.

§ i = your monthly interest rate. Your lender likely lists interest rates as an annual figure, so you’ll need to divide by 12, for each month of the year

§ n = the number of payments over the life of the loan

– Financial functions (Formulas tab). Choose 6 financial functions. For each function, create an example. Explain why did you choose specific function and how it is useful i.e. what problems does it solve

– VLookup function – finds a value in the named range and returns with the found value

o Create named range which will contain 50 students records: first name, last name, ssn, cel phone, street, city, state, zip. Using VLookup function search for student’s ssn and search for first name. What is displayed when data is found and what is displayed when data is not found. Give 2 practical examples to use VLookup function

– “IF” Logical function – calculate grade using ‘IF’ function assuming the following:

o use MIS 245 syllabus for course weighing scheme – for weight distribution and NJIT recommended grading scheme for grade cutoff

o Each student has HW – 85 pts out of 100

o Each student has Project – 90 pts out of 100

o Homework for all the students

o Student A – midterm and final are 60 pts each

o Student B – midterm and final are 70 pts each 

o Student C – midterm and final are 80 pts each

o Student D – midterm and final are 90 pts each 

o Student E – midterm and final are 100 pts each

– Create charts – using companies specified in the Sparklines exercise (Walmart, Alibaba, JD, Amazon, Mercado Libre, Sears, Macy, Best Buy), create the following charts:

o pie chart which depicts individual company annual revenues (sales) to overall total US retail spending

o pie chart which depicts individual company annual revenues (sales) to overall total global (world) retail spending

o bar chart to compare companies sales to each other

o use appropriate chart elements: legends, vertical axis and horizontal axis to label chart data and explanations 

– Inserting comments – Add comments for each exercise above. How do you navigate forward and backward between comments?

– Text boxes (Insert tab) – What would be reasons to use textboxes in the spreadsheet (2-3 reasons)? Draw textbox, enter text, resize the textbox 

– Pivot Tables / Data Analysis (Insert tab) –

o Why to use PivotTables? 

o Create Regional Sales worksheet: Sales Rep, Region, Month, Sale, Description (at least 50 entries).

o Create PivotTable report based on Regional Sales

o Rearrange Fields in a PivotTable

o Try PivotTable Report Filter Area

o Changing the function in a PivotTable

o Display PivotChart

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