In what way(s) has photography affected our culture

In what way(s) has photography affected our culture?

What has been photography’s greatest contribution to history in your opinion?

How do you see photographic technology affecting culture in the future?

Post an image of a photograph that you feel best represents photography’s role in culture today



The way photos affect our culture is that it helps capture everyday life and the greatest contribution in history of photography to me is probably the first person on the moon. The technology in photographs we have right now is insane so I believe that it will just continue to get better and pictures will just be so much better.


I believe photography helps us see the past, present, and future. It can capture what we do today and what they believe will happen in the future. The greatest contribution to history by photography to me was the pictures that brought faces to the war, who fought it, what the soldiers went through, and etc. Technology in today’s world grows more and more everyday so there is no telling how big photography will get.