Restate your general phenomena

Discussion 4:  Case Study Design

Using your identified phenomena from Discussion 2, create a qualitative research scenario using the case study approach. Additional information related to Case Study Designs is found in the lectures in Module 2. Identify the following:

  1. Restate your general phenomena
  2. Research question: Explain the “unique” case (or cases) you intend to research using this approach.
  3. Sample: Identify the entity(ies) and/or person(s) who experienced this unique phenomenon.
  4. Data collection method: Be mindful that you will need to collect more than just data from interviews. Identify other sources of data related to the identified Unique Phenomenon that would contribute to how this uniqueness came to be.

 The Case Study, would be using companies who were facing foreclosure, and made it through this process successfully without going into foreclosure.