Aviation Safety/ Human Factor

Course Outcomes
Identify human performance factors in aviation safety
Identify causal factors that contribute to accident scenarios
Develop methods and habit patterns to avoid accidents and avert risk in aviation
Develop steps to interrupt the accident chain.
Unit Outcomes
Evaluate individual personal Hazardous Attitudes
FAA AC 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.- 
Read Chapter 1-Introduction
Read Chapter 2- Hazardous Attitude Inventory 
Complete the 10 scenario exercises, then
Complete scoring sheets in Appendix 1, 2, 3
appendix 1 read each scenario. Mark your likely responses in order of 1-5. 
appendix 2 mark your scores from each scenario
appendix 3 create a bar graph from your scores, indicating your most prevalent attitudes.
Determine your personal Hazardous Attitudes toward flying 
Read Chapter 3- Dealing with Hazardous Attitudes
Read each of the 5 situations which reinforce a hazardous attitude
Select the alternative that best illustrates the particular hazardous attitude
Complete the Hazardous Attitude and Antidote Recall Exercise in Appendix 4
appendix 4 list the hazardous thought and the antidote
Read Chapter 4- Stress and Flying Know about stress and its effects on safety of flight
Understand Methods to identify your personal fitness for flight 
Complete Life Events Stress Test in Appendix 5
appendix 5 mark each stressor that applies to you and mark the total 
Read Chapter 5- Risk Management
Understand the 6 step DECIDE model to assess risk 
Read Chapter 6- Identifying the Enemy 
Read and understand the 7 principles that should never be compromised (chapter 6 page 23)
Read and understand the IMSAFE checklist 
Completion of self assessments (the 5 appendices) from the Advisory Circular.
Write your personal hazardous attitude story, involving your most prevalent hazardous attitude
On a separate sheet list the 7 principles that should never be compromised and describe them in your own words
List and Describe the IMSAFE checklist in your own words

Upload your attachments and your completed self assessments to the instructor for manual grading on the next page. You can upload a scan or pictures of appendices as well.