Contemporary Asian Studies Reading Response

Reading Response Paper

Please read and write a response to any one (1)of the following texts:

Dirlik, Arif. 1995. Confucius in the borderlands: Global capitalism and the reinvention of Confucianism. boundary 2, 22(3): 229-273.

Barker, J., Keane, W., Redfield, P., Ribeiro, G., Wiener, M., & Barker, J. 2005. Engineers and Political Dreams: Indonesia in the Satellite Age 1. Current Anthropology46(5): 703-727.

Surinder Jodhka. 2002. Nation and Village: Images of Rural India in Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar. Economic and Political Weekly, August 10, 2002: 3343-3353.

Ito, Ruri. 2008. The Modern Girl Question in the Periphery of Empire: Colonial modernity and mobility among Okinawan Women in the 1920s and 1930s. Pp 241-262 inWeinbaum, A.E., Thomas, L.M., Ramamurthy, P., Poiger, U.G., Dong, M.Y. and Barlow, T.E. eds. The Modern Girl Around the World: Consumption, modernity, and globalization. Duke University Press.

The response paper should be in the form of an essay that addresses the following points:

  • A summary of the author’s argument/ or set of arguments.
  • The theoretical context in which the author is writing: what literature does s/he review and contribute to or write against?
  • How does the author proceed to build evidence for his / her argument – what materials does s/he draw on?
  • What is your response to this paper? What have you learned from it? In particular, how did it inform your understanding of Asian modernities? Did you feel it had weaknesses, oversights, or problems? If so, what were these?  (make reference to relevant previous class readings in this section).