Decision Analysis

Out of class assessment

2 Individual work (20%)

A company manufactures windows and doors in four types: wood windows, aluminum windows, balcony doors, and main doors. Each of the products must pass through the following departments before they are shipped: Contracting, Painting, Assembly, and Testing. The time requirements in each department (hours) for each unit produced and its corresponding profit values are summarized in this table: Products Constructing Painting Assembly Testing Profit/unit Wood windows 0.5 3 2 5 90 Aluminium windows 1.5 1 4 1 120 Balcony doors 1.5 2 1 0.5 150 Main doors 1.0 3 2 0.5 110 Department Capacity(hours) 255 500 480 315 The market survey indicates that the minimum demand of four models is 30,30,40,50 units per hour respectively.  What is the optimal number of each product to ensure optimal profit?  What is the amount in dollars of the optimal profit in this scenario

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