Analysis of a Community Social Problem [Adapted from Leon-Guerrero (2008)]


Analysis of a Community Social Problem [Adapted from Leon-Guerrero (2008)]

A social problem is a condition that threatens the quality of life for people in a society and their most cherished values. It is a condition that a significant number of people believe should be remedied through collective action (Kornblum & Julian, 1998). For this paper, read the textbook readings for this week. Then identify a social problem in your own community similar to one that is discussed in chapters 14 & 15. It must be a social problem that is currently being addressed through some type of community service, intervention, policy, etc. For example, your community may be addressing homelessness through shelters, street outreach, church outreach/ministry, etc. Answer the following questions in your paper: •

Why is this issue considered a social problem? (1paragraph; use references – i.e., do some research, gets statistics, etc.) •

When, how, and where did this problem originate? Has it been around a while?

Are we just seeing it publicized more? (1-2 paragraphs) •

What other social problems are related to this one? List all of the social problems that are related to the problem that you chose – both as a cause of it and as an effect of it (i.e., homelessness is related to unemployment). (1-2 paragraphs; use references) •

What groups/segments of the population are affected by this problem? •

Who is hurt by it? Is anyone immune? •

Think critically: Who benefits (or stands to gain) from this problem? (Explain your answer!) • How does it affect you personally? Think about your own life and how this problem intersects with it. Address this question even if you have never encountered the problem yourself. •

What is being done in your community to address the problem – be specific (i.e., what services, policies, etc.). (This might be 4-6 paragraphs; do some research; you may want to talk to a representative of the services for information; how does the service, policy, etc. address the issue/help the victims, etc.) •

 What else do you think could be done, and by whom, to alleviate the problem? Address all possible solutions that you can think of. •

What are the barriers to resolving the issue? (i.e., why is the problem not being resolved?) • Summarize/Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Paper Requirements

1250 – 1350 words (not including title page and references page) • APA format (title page, references/citations) •

Use headings and subheadings throughout the paper •

Use at least 5 references (3 must be no older than 3 years) •

Attach the Analysis Assignment rubric to the end of the paper •

Proofread your paper! Correct grammar, spelling, citations and references are critical!

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