Formulate a goal that is clear, non-trivial, but achievable

Problem Formulation


  • Formulate a goal that is clear, non-trivial, but achievable.
  • Figure out a plan (brief is ok)
  • Argue that it is important (not only to you and your boss!)
  • Formal problem formulation.
  • Theoretical vs. Practical? What are the expected results?
  • The complexity of the problem? May need rigorous proof!


proposed solution

This assignment is for you to break down the problem and conjecture.

Hopefully, it will give yourself structure and road-map on how to do it. Note that this may as well lead you to realize certain things, e.g., more interesting problem, your problem is unrealistic, and the methodology you should adopt.

For each sub-problem, conjecture potential solution. Figure what is needed to prove and/or disprove your solution. It is ok for now to leave some tedious implementation and result collection work to be finished later. But please be sure to document in detail: 1) the work that has been done, 2) your proposed solution, and 3) detailed timeline schedule