Littoral Combat Ship

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

Program Evaluation Paper

Format and Length:

  • This is a Program Evaluation Paper Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).
  • This is paper included (abstract, introduction, conclusion) with clear thesis.
  • Endnotes are required; however, a bibliography is not.
  • you will use the writing conventions The University of Chicago Manual of Style. It will be written in a narrative style; that is, sentence outlines or bullets are not acceptable.
  • Your paper will be10-12 pages, double spaced.
  • The title page and endnotes do not count against the page limitations.
  • Graphics, charts or illustrations will not count against your paper’s page limits.
  • examine that program’s interactions and interfaces with the requirements (JCIDS), budgeting (PPBE), and acquisition (DAS) processes. With the LCS program providing the context and the analytic basis, analyze how these resourcing decision-making processes relate to each other and how they relate to the vertices of the Iron Triangle. Evaluate how integration of the three processes aids or hinders senior decision makers in delivering military capabilities required to achieve national strategic objectives.
Strengths and weaknesses of program clearly identified, defined and scoped? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Analysis of the program’s evolution/adaption in response to the environment (including the three decision support systems)? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Analysis of the program’s evolution/adaption in response to each of the three vertices in the Iron Triangle? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Addressed normative and positive perspectives? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Addressed lessons learned and/or policy implications? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Organized process/framework that appears relevant and comprehensive used to conduct the analysis? (JLO 2c, 2d, 2e)
Clear thesis/argument or recommendation; meets the tasking?
Paper logically organized; uses heading structure and transitions to guide the reader?
Does the argument flow, cover what is pertinent, is logical and appropriately supported, and at the appropriate level?
Critical and creative thinking displayed in the analysis?
Discuss counters to the argument advanced?
Spelling, grammar, case, active, word choice, tone, etc.
Effectively uses visual aids and appendixes?
References where appropriate, from credible sources, and in the correct style?
Turned in on time within the page limit constraint?

Required reading:

Use the following readings associated with the LCS program as the basis for your analysis. You may use additional readings, but they are not required:

  1. Congressional Research Service Report RS21305, Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS): Background and Issues for Congress (November 22, 2002) .
    1. Squeo, A. M. New ships mean new bidding; navy’s need for quick, sophisticated boats changes process. Wall Street Journal. (August 25, 2003).
    1.  Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Tests Contractors’ Creativity, Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense,

June 2003.

  • Small Combat Ships and the Future of the Navy, Robert Work, Issues in Science and Technology (Fall 2004)
    • Acquisition Oversight of the US Navy’s Littoral Combat System, Subcommittee on Seapower and Expeditionary Forces, House Armed Services Committee, 2007 .
    • Karp, J. Navy raises conditions on Lockheed contract. Wall Street Journal (March 16, 2007).
    • Congressional Research Service Report RL33741, Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)/Frigate Program: Background and Issues for Congress (June 14, 2016) .
    • GAO Report GAO-15-342SP, Assessment of Selected Weapons Systems .See p. 107 for LCS, and p. 109 on the LCS – Mission Packages (LCS MP)
    • SECDEF Letter to SECNAV Subj: Navy Program Balance (Restrict LCS buy to 40 ships), December 14, 2015) .
    • DOT&E Annual Report for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and Associated Mission Modules, January 2016 .
    • SASC Letter to SECNAV on concerns for LCS program based on DOT&E report (February 5, 2016) .
    • GAO Report GAO-16-356, Littoral Combat Ship, Need to Address Fundamental Weaknesses in LCS and Frigate Acquisition Strategies, June 2016 .
    • SASC Letter to CNO and ASN(RDA) regarding LCS Program Concerns (September 15, 2016)
    • Admiral Scott Swift, LCS Delivers, U.S. Naval Institute Press Proceedings, 0041798X, Jul2016, Vol. 142, Issue 7.
    • GAO Report GAO-17-262T, Littoral Combat Ship and Frigate, Congress Faced with Acquisition Decisions, Dec 2016].