Assignment Overview
(Signature Assignment: Critical Thinking, Emphasized Level)
Be sure that your first priority is reading Reinventing Talent Management (2017), by Edward Lawler. Do your best to finish it before you prepare your Case and SLP assignments for Module 1.
Case Assignment
Jot down your ideas and reactions to what you read. What you write should demonstrate critical thinking of what you know about HRM today as compared to future projections of HRM. Draw on the relevant issues in Lawler’s book.
Because the emphasis in this first module is to finish reading Reinventing Talent Management, you do not need to conduct library or Web research for your Case 1 Assignment.
Submit your 3-page assignment by the due date.
Assignment Expectations
Critical Thinking Emphasis
As you may recall, the first signature assignment addressing critical thinking at the “introduced” level was in MGT516, Module 3 Case.
Then in HRM520, Case 4, our emphasis was on further developing critical thinking skills, a key aspect of business decision making.
And, now finally, in HRM599 Integrative Capstone, Case 1, your critical thinking skills will be further developed, reaching the “emphasized” level.
These three assignments build upon each other and aim to offer you the opportunity to enhance and practice your critical thinking skills at the graduate level.
The Case grading rubric for this HRM599 assignment has been developed with a critical thinking criterion to measure student success in meeting Case 1 expectations related to critical thinking at the emphasized level. The same criterion is used to measure critical thinking in the other two courses with critical thinking signature assignments.