The definition of interactivity

My major is Motion Graphic

Key words:

Interactive, Interactivity, Interactive magazines, Interactive book, Pop-Up book, Augmented reality, Motion graphic, Electronic book, Digital Content, Interactive content. PDF. EPUP. Digital Publishing. Virtual Reality. Electronic Ink. Conductive papers.


  1. What’s Interactivity?
  2. Is there theories that talk about interactivity
  3. What does interactivity mean in general?
  4. What the correct definition of interactivity
  5. We see interactive magazines. Interactive content. Interactive games. Interactive augmented Reality, interactive book. Interactive conversation.
  6. What makes these called interactive?
  7. There is an electronic book (PDF, Kindle for example), and there is an Interactive Book. Why they are difference?
  8. Pop-Up books and Interactive books share the same interactivity feature.
  9. What are the previous studies that talk about INTERACTIVITY in general and in specific in interactive books?
  10. What makes Pop-up books interactive?
  11. What makes Interactive magazine interactive?
  12. The path that led to the interactive content.

What I need in this essay:

  1. Answers for the above questions
  2. There should be a headline at the beginning of each new topic’s paragraph. I don’t want the essay to be a boring one piece.
  3. Eligible citation and biography page at the end of the essay.
  4. Introduction, body graph and Conclusion
  5. classification and chapters
  6. A heading above each new paragraph  
  7. Table of content.

The purpose of this essay:

  1. Proving the involvement of Motion graphic in interactivity.
  2. My study is about finding the common things between Pop-Up books and interactive books.
  3. What makes them Interactive
  4. The relationship between Pop-up books and Interactive books.
  5. My major is Motion Graphic