Yasamasa Morimura

1. Read the New York Times article from 2015 on Yasamasa Morimura:


2. Select two pieces by Yasumasa Morimura *and* research each one’s original referent(s).

– In English see:



  • Discuss each of your chosen works and how it alters the meaning of the original (also referred to as the referent(s)). Write one paragraph per piece and include an image of each work. Cite each visual source and include a Works Cited page.
  • In each paragraph per piece consider the following: What kinds of debates, questions, topics does his work prompt about appropriation art? Consider this question for each of your chosen works. (Focusing specifically the pieces you chose) How does his work challenge the definition of appropriation that you came up with last class?
  • Your response should be (min.) two paragraphs, (at least) one per piece.

Remember – each person – should upload a single PDF.

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