Small Group Assessment

In this assignment, you will watch a presentation (located in Module/Week 4’s Reading and Study folder) of group members in a Bible study.  Your task is to assess their interaction.  You may need to watch the presentation several times.  Draw some conclusions about the effectiveness of their interaction and the overall success of the Bible study based on the following: your observations and assessment of verbal and nonverbal communication practices; roles as identified from individual communication practices; the number and quality of comments given by each individual; the use or non-use of an agenda process to guide the Bible study.  

Also, identify at least one or more roles you saw each individual playing in the video.  Write whether you think the role each person was playing made a positive or negative contribution to the final group outcome.  Knowing what you know about the preparation, effective leadership, and group membership roles practiced in good groups, give an assessment of the problems this group had and your prescription of what they might consider doing for their next Bible study to better achieve their goal.  Your assessment should be 6 pages. 

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