Examine the role of women in early East Asian literature


Reflect on the readings, and choose one (1) of the prompts below. Full credit will be given only to those papers that follow the prescribed essay format and that cite relevant textual evidence. Additionally, proofread the essay before submitting it, and comply with other general guidelines on the Blackboard page: 1. Examine the role of women in early East Asian literature. Compare and/or contrast key social customs and perceptions with those that appear in the Enlightenment period texts you have read. 2. Argue for or against the similarities between the contemporary #MeToo climate and the sociopolitical contexts for any of the writers we have read. 3. Reflect on the significance mid-1700s authors attributed to rationality, and write a satirical treatise to your peer group, advocating that they either should or should not adopt Enlightenment principles. (Remember that satire is an exaggerated comedic convention, so your intention will be obvious in blatant contradictions. Additionally, you must still adhere to the essay format and cite textual evidence.) 4. Write a letter to President Trump either congratulating or lambasting him for the ways his key political positions/practices do or do not echo core early Enlightenment principles.