Global Health Research Paper Assignment

This written assignment will be in APA format, 6-8 pages, not including Title and References page. Each learner will research a different country’s healthcare system and compare/contrast it to the United States (no duplication). You will write a detailed paper summarizing your findings and include your own point of view pertaining to the pros and cons of the chosen country’s healthcaresystem as compared to the United States healthcare system. You will support your view with research.
Areas to compare and contrast should include but are not limited to: 

  1.  Finance/reimbursement methodologies
  2.  Access to care and services
  3. Prioritizing and rationing of care
  4. Technology as it pertains to medical records
  5.  Diagnostic and therapeutic use
  6. Government assessment of healthcare delivery as relates to health policy.


  Once your paper is complete, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of its key points (no more than10 slides).