How can a test be reliable, yet manifest no validity?

1. How can a test be reliable, yet manifest no validity? What does this answer suggest about the difficulty of making assessments of people for the purpose of employment decisions? Explain in detail. (7 points)

2. Describe a job interview that you have experienced where you thought “it went well” or “it didn’t go well.” What was it about the interview process you liked or didn’t like? Or was the outcome of the interview (you got the job or you didn’t) the deciding factor in determining the quality of the interview? Does the outcome of an assessment determine people’s reaction to it? Please add detail and be specific. (8 points). 

*If you have never been to a job interview, please present a hypothetical response. 

4. How would you go about selecting professors to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf in applying for a job or graduate school? What does your answer suggest about why letters of recommendation are not very useful in differentiating one candidate from another? Be specific in your response. (5 Points).