Poem Explication

For this essay, submit an MLA-formatted Word document . In at least 750 words, perform a close reading (explicate) of one of the poems we have read in the class thus far. Keep in mind that longer poems will require greater length.
Your essay should be a cohesive explication (purposeful paragraphs, one unifying thesis, not list-like) of one aspect of the poem. Questions to consider include the following:
• What symbol(s) did you notice in this poem?
• What “big ideas” does the poem address?
• What images are present and how do the images relate to the story’s meaning or overall theme?
• Can these patterns be supported throughout the whole poem?

Your first paragraph should include (a) the name of the poem and poet, (b) a one or two sentence summary of the poem(s) and (c) your thesis statement or main focus of your explication. 
This essay should go line by line through the poem, carefully analyzing each line and the building meaning that occurs. Reading this essay should be, for the reader, like watching a “let’s play” (a video where someone plays a video game and analyzes the experience) or taking a tour of a place (where the guide knows several interesting details about each place visited). You should move from the first line to the last line in order.
Your essay should be written in academic style (no first or second person, use academic language, use MLA formatting) and include examples or quotes from the poem. 
Review the textbook and course content for information on completing an explication, developing a thesis statement, using quotations, and citing sources. 
No secondary sources. Do not consult any source other than the poem(s) for this assignment. 
the poem to be used is attached!