Change Control Process

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will create an integrated change control process.

Learning Connection:

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

Creating an integrated change control plan
Assignment Instructions:

This assignment has two key components.

First, your assignment should describe an integrated change control process. Imagine that you have completed evaluating the project, and it is clear that a change to the scope or budget or schedule is needed, describe the process for drafting the change request, gaining approval for the change, and what should happen once the change is approved. The latter is where you focus on integration. Once the change is approved, what will need to be updated as part of the project plan and documentation? For this section, think specifically about who should be involved, who reviews it, who approves it, and who implements it and monitors the change. Consider creating a simple process map as a way to visually show the process. 
Second, you should include a change request template. You may have one from a previous class or from a past project, or you can search for one. Make sure that it takes into account all the aspects of the process you describe above, so you will most likely need to modify it a bit. Also, make sure you cite your sources.
Be sure to rely on the readings this week as a source of information. You will also find some material in the Gray & Larson text, as well as The PMBOK Guide.

Here is what I will be looking for when grading the assignment:

Clear description of the change control process
A change request template that aligns to the process (remember to modify to fit your description and cite any sources)
A document free and clear of grammatical and typographical errors
A cover page and page numbers

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