Applied Personality, Intelligence and Testing

What should your portfolio include?
The assignment is an evaluation of the use of testing in school. You will need to provide examples of the type of assessments used with pupils in your school.
The examples provided can be blank tests or actual tests undertaken by children. You will need to explain briefly what each test is and what it is for, who undertakes this type of test, who administers the test, what are the results used for, how useful this type of test is within your educational setting. (If using actual tests carried out by children, please make sure that anonymity is preserved.)
Each example provided must be evaluated, that is you need to weigh up the evidence for or against, and judge their merits with reference to academic literature.
The portfolio should contain three different types of test, each with a 1000 word evaluation. One of these examples must be a psychometric test.
You will include an introduction and a conclusion.
You will need to provide a reference list – not a bibliography.

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