The conflicts that the Native Americans faced both within Native American cultures, and with the Euro-Americans

Native American Conflicts- 5 paragraphed essay single spaced no title or heading

Native Americans were not only angered about the loss of their territories, they were concerned that continued contact and conflict with the Euro-Americans was undermining their autonomy and cultures. Particularly worrisome was the illegal trade in alcohol, as frustrated tribesmen tried to drown their sorrows, they created more problems for their people. This situation created chaos in many villages, especially those of the Shawnee. Although many Shawnees blamed outside sources for their troubles, others believed that in neglecting their own traditions they had brought these evils upon themselves. During these difficult times, a pair of Native American brothers, Lalawethika and Tecumseh, each with a different world vision, assumed leadership roles within the tribe, and ultimately came to influence other tribes as well. Lalawethika, an alcoholic who had been unsuccessful much of his life, renounced his former ways upon experiencing visions in 1805, renamed himself Tenskwatawa (meaning “The Open Door,” he came to be called the Prophet), and set out to reclaim his people from evil and revitalize their culture. 

Review the documents in the Online Reader for Chapter 7. Describe the conflicts that the Native Americans faced both within Native American cultures, and with the Euro-Americans.

Your essay should contain 5 paragraphs and follow the standard 3 point enumeration essay.

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