Discuss American Yawp

Read, Think, and Discuss American Yawp, Chapter 5.

Primary Sources

Petition for Freedom 1777 Rebel’s Statement from Gabriel’s Conspiracy Excerpts from “The Gabriel Insurrection” in Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts from January 1, 1799, to December 31, 1807; Preserved in the Capital, at Richmond, ed. H. W. Flournoy (Richmond, 1890) Lucy Knox to Henry Knox 23 August 1777 Sarah Osborn Recalls Her Experiences in the Revolutionary War, 1837 Once you have read the above material, use the primary sources to answer the questions below in your initial post to this week’s Discussion Forum. Write and post your initial response by 11.30pm Tuesday. Make your follow-up posts throughout the week (remember– a minimum of 4 thoughtful follow-ups!). This discussion forum will close at 11.30pm Friday. 1) Using the first thee documents, iden!fy and explain ways African Americans understood and used ideas and strategies from the American Revolu!on to challenge their enslaved status. 2) Lucy Knox and Sarah Osborn were two women who lived through the American Revolu!on. How do their experiences compare?

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