Project Time Management

Following the reading of chapter 6 and review of the PowerPoint file provided in the course resources, answer the following questions: 6a. Why do you think schedule issues often cause the most conflicts on projects? Think about a project at your workplace or school that you were involved with, how could you have resolved a schedule conflict? 6b. Explain in your own words the following schedule development tools and concepts: Gantt charts, critical path method, PERT, critical chain scheduling, and sprints 6c. How do you feel about adding slack to individual task estimates (sometimes called padding estimates)? What do you think about adding a project buffer for the entire project, as critical chain scheduling suggests? What are some ethical considerations when using slack and buffers? 6d1. You are asked to manage a project for a business organization. The project entails installing new anti-virus software on all computers. Assume 250 desktops and 500 laptops. Create a project management chart similar to the table shown below. (hint: review examples in the book). Task/Activity Definition Number of employees needed to fulfill the task Estimated baseline time Special skills needed to the task *** Provide estimates as best as you can. 6d2. Explain how you would assign tasks to the team members. 6e. Click on the Project Mangler and/or Wall Street Journal websites and identify one article relevant to project management. Prepare a brief description of the article. *Free access to the WSJ via the eLibrary 6f1. View the illustration below. List the 5 paths (show the sequence and length in days). 6f2. Indicate the critical path and length in time. *All answers should be based on the textbook where appropriate. **Provide academic or industry source to support your answers. D=4 2 6 5 8

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Psychology Counseling Theory & Practice_ Halbur & Vess-Halbur_J

Look over the attached article/survey and follow the instructions below. Name 3 theoretical orientations you scored highest in the article attached and write 1 brief paragraph for each theoretical orientation…..

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Al Ahlia Hotels & Resorts: Success in the Long Run The annual board meeting is less than a month away and Omar is struggling to perfect his strategy for achieving….

Question 2 asks you to refer to the list of 103 Great Ideas

Question 1 asks you to phrase the ISSUE as a question or controversy that the chapter addresses or explores. This is not where you summarize the whole piece, but rather….