Determine two goals the organization is attempting to meet

Select an organization with which you are familiar such as Radio Shack®, Sharper Image®, Starbucks®, Proctor & Gamble™, or Yahoo!®; an organization mentioned in the course readings; or an organization you research on the Internet.

Determine two goals the organization is attempting to meet.

Describe  examples of marketing, advertising, and public relations functions used to fulfill each goal.

Refer to The Functions of Public Relations in Ch. 1 of The Practice of Public Relations for a list of public relations functions.

Refer to the multimedia Showing Relationships: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations for further clarification of the relationships among the three.

Address the following questions for each selected goal with a minimum of 200 words each:

  • How effective are these public relations functions in meeting the organization’s goals? Provide specific examples to support your answer.
  • What strategies would you suggest to help this organization improve its effectiveness in this area?
  • How are the roles of public relations, marketing, and advertising in the organization similar? How are they different?

How do these roles support each other? 

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