illustrates his analysis of the correlation between strategies and organizations by emphasizing that strategies are meant to provide an advantage

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Strategies are primarily implemented to govern and influence performance management through which policies and procedures are established. Policies and procedures are meant to systematically direct the performance and behavior of employees in the direction of satisfactory and allowable actions. These suitable actions are obtained by providing employees with constraints, limitations, and systematic procedures when implementing strategies. Strategies can be viewed as a blueprint where policies and procedures support the overall framework of an organization by identifying the plans of action in a detailed outline.Everett (2013) illustrates his analysis of the correlation between strategies and organizations by emphasizing that strategies are meant to provide an advantage, and the primary source of that advantage is the unique strategies that an organization implements within its policies and procedures (pg. 147). Anca-Ioana (2013) affirms that when an strategy is no longer presenting desired results or working in the best interest of an organization, a new strategy with viable alternatives must be implemented (pg. 1521). The tools and execution techniques utilized in organizational strategies permit management and personnel to direct daily organizational operations.

A coordinated marketing-operations strategy is heavily utilized both goods and service based operations because it focuses on customer engagement, co-production, and the alignment of marketing and operations strategy which is vital to the formulation, development, and effectiveness of managerial decisions (Dixon, Karniouchina, Van, Verma, & Victorino, 2014). Furthermore, marketing-operations strategy reflect that strategy execution is directly associated with formulation and performance. For customer-serviced based businesses, consumers essentially determine the rate of production, i.e, supply and demand and marketable output and input. Marketing integration and managerial priorities impact business performance (Dixon, Karniouchina, Van, Verma, & Victorino, 2014, pg. 282).

A Product Portfolio Management (PPM) business strategy emphasizes the importance of management in the decision-making process and allows businesses to get the most value by simply applying portfolio management principles to the product development process (Doorasamy, 2015, pg. 29). It essentially focuses on value creation in regards to product value and quality service, which will inevitably result in better value for consumers. The PPM strategy aims to identify value gaps and relies on the continuous assessment of productivity and projecting the value of said products. Doorasamy (2015) lists Creating, assessing, developing, and pursuing as the 4 steps associated with new product development which can lead to flexibility in strategies as far as changing strategic direction, improving a competitive advantage, and preventing stagnation (pg. 35).

My findings reveal that marketing decisions are based on managerial decisions and that the responsibilities of strategy execution heavily relies on the ability to accommodate the needs of employee’s as a means to provide consistent quality service for customers and consumers. Strategy execution is important to strategic success because they are based on the overall objectives of an organization and include a competitive stratagem to obtain and retain customers. In addition, there are multiple organizational policies and procedures that result from the inaction or implementation of appropriate strategies and they should be implemented in a manner in which subordinates can fully comprehend their responsibilities and obligations as employees.

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