What is your behavior that you want to change? How will you do this?

What is your behavior that you want to change?  How will you do this?

TOPIC: cooking at home instead of eating out as my consumer behavior that I would like to change. There are many health benefits towards eating at home that can save money in the long run. I’ve been trying to reduce the urge to eat out as much recently as well as change my overall diet. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is my main goal. Further, I was thinking about trying to cook at home 5 days a week and then have the weekend to eat out preferably. I’ve already started 3 days a week and I want to expand my goal towards 5 days.

What paper is over: How does your lifestyle affect the behavior you want to change?

This should be at least 2 well developed paragraphs that thoroughly discuss how your behavior is affected by the topic. 

 Don’t emphasize your success or failure (pounds lost, money saved, etc.) but rather I want to see that you have gained some personal insight and what triggers your behavior.

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