America as a nation is becoming more and more diverse and globalized as the years as go on

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America as a nation is becoming more and more diverse and globalized as the years as go on. Which means without immigration none of this could be possible and we now see more diverse communities throughout America. I do believe having some policies set in place are needed to regulate possible things like over population or more families and individuals could live in poverty. But immigration isn’t bad either if regulated safety and properly we as a nation could and have benefited from it either economically, socially, or politically. This could also lead to healthier communities because there are things people in United States don’t know (medical or technology) that an “immigrant” might do. Some might say immigration is a stressors on education and health resources because of the language and culture barriers. But I simply think the government should fund more jobs in those communities to help with some the barriers we are dealing with today. To ensure that proper care for those people in these communities.

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