Business -Entrepreneurship-Innovation

Part 1 (limit 750 words): Think about a time when you experienced an ineffective
leadership episode in your organizational life – when you were less effective than you
should have been while managing yourself and/or other people. Briefly describe the
situation and using insights from diagnostic tools and assessment exercises, case studies,
readings, group discussion, and lecture material in the course, analyse the reasons why
you were less than successful in this situation and describe what you would do
differently if you faced a similar situation again.
▪ Part 2 (limit: 750 words): Using insights from the course, write a personal action plan
to meet future leadership challenges. Write about your strengths in leadership situations,
possible weaknesses that you need to be aware of, and how you intend to develop your
leadership capability within your organization.
Assessment criteria will include:
▪ Richness and detail of narrative and self-assessment
▪ Breadth and depth of analysis
▪ Appropriate and comprehensive use of leadership theories and tools to support analysis
▪ Logical coherence

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship is a multidisciplinary activity involving strategy, R&D, marketing and project
management. In practice, entrepreneurs face a number of complex issues simultaneously. The
specific educational objective of this course is to demonstrate to candidates with entrepreneurial
aspirations, issues related to the creation of a company around an innovative product.
Candidates will learn to:
1. Recognise and evaluate business opportunities
2. Build a team around the opportunity
3. Assess and gain control of the required resources
4. Market new products in entrepreneurial settings
5. Grow the business and exit from it

Individual project. 2500 words maximum
Present a case for an entrepreneurial new product or service with high-growth potential. Think big!
Answer the following questions:
1. Is this a good opportunity? What is the business model?
2. How are you going to build your team?
3. Where and how are you going to find funding?
4. What is your growth strategy?
5. When and how would you like to exit from the business?
Try to utilise the management ‘lessons’ and frameworks that we have learned during the course.
• The entrepreneurial process
• Evaluating opportunities
• Building the team
• Accessing financial resources
• Marketing of new-technology products – Business growth
• Harvest and exit

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