compare relationship advice that appears in a popular source

The purpose of this paper is to compare relationship advice that appears in a popular source (e.g., a Buzzfeed article, blog post, or a popular magazine like Cosmopolitan or Men’s Health) with actual research (3 peer-reviewed sources minimum) on the same topic.

Your job will be to determine the accuracy of the popular source as compared to published relationship research. If the advice is only partially or not at all supported by research, you must suggest ways actual research findings could have been conveyed instead.

You should use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources for your research comparison (but you may find it helpful to use more) Please use APA in-text citations and an APA formatted reference page. 

APA Style Resources:

Please see the tabs on the left for instructions on how to do in-text citations and how to format your references page. The rest of your paper does not need to be in APA format.

Formatting Guidelines:

· 12 point font, Times New Roman

· Double Spaced, 5 pages (not including references page). No title page or running head needed

· If you are using an online popular source, please provide the URL or link in your references.

· No excessive spacing in between sections or at top or bottom of paper

· Direct Quotes. These should be kept to a minimum. Avoid unnecessary use of direct quotations. Instead, paraphrase and give credit to source with a citation.

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