How E9-1-1 Works

In this assignment you are required to:

1: View the provided material:

How E9-1-1 Works (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Text to 911: What You Need To Know (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
2: Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable.

3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements to wit:

a. All submissions must be typed on a Word document, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. 
b. Put class, name, and date at top 1st page 
c. Students may not submit course work from other classes. 
d. Papers should exhibit originality, content, clarity, and proper use of references.
e. Papers must be submitted through canvas before or on the paper’s due date.


GOAL: Show that you understand the thesis, main ideas, and supporting ideas in the material you are writing about, then state it in your own words. Then apply the material to our course work and offer your opinion. The paper consists of two parts:

Identify all of the “basic information: about the material that you can, including:
• the author of the material, the title of the material;
• the topic or subject of the material—for example, “The study of security” or “The concepts of security.” In other words, tell what the material is about in a word or a phrase;
• the author’s purpose or motive for producing the material—for example, “to expose the dangerous conditions regarding national security” or “to show how the government is taking measures to increase security”;
• the author’s thesis statement (might be similar to the purpose, but not necessarily).

Write about what you gained from reading the material including:

How does this material apply to our coursework thus far.

How does this material apply to current events.

What the author is trying to convey in the material.

YOUR opinion about what the material says, in your own language.

The reaction paper should be no less than 500 words. Double spaced and written to a college level work product.

Links for assignment:
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