How is violence interlinked with democracy and neoliberalism in Latin America


3000 WORD ESSAY ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (40% of final mark)

A guide to writing essays

Question:) How is violence interlinked with democracy and neoliberalism in Latin America

  • A clear and coherent structure, including a clear standpoint of the student with regard how he/she will answer the essay question
  • Depth of understanding of theoretical concepts and their application and interpretation in the discussion developed in the essay (i.e. you are encouraged to write about one or two examples)
  • Engagement with the academic literature as a way to prove evidence on the argument that the student is aiming to develop
  • Degree of creativity and insight in the approach answering the essay question
  • Written expression of ideas that ensure clarity of points throughout sentences and paragraphs
  • Consultation of a resource base that includes academic literature and practitioner reports

References and bibliography

Always include a full bibliography of all texts and articles used. Include citations and where appropriate direct references to material/authors in the main body of the essay.

NB Make sure that you always reference any arguments, ideas or examples derived from other sources, whether these have been directly quoted or paraphrased in your own wordsVGM

            Oct 2015

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