Interview a public administrator. Locate one or more people who work as managers or analysts in a public or nonprofit organization and interview them

PART 1-Interview a public administrator. Locate one or more people who work as managers or analysts in a public or nonprofit organization and interview them. The interviewees might work for a public university, local government, state or federal agency, or nonprofit organization. They might be a university administrator, a city manager or department director (public works or parks and recreation), a county official (such as a county clerk), a manager in state government (perhaps someone in a welfare office or a highway department), a federal government manager (in a local office of a department such as Social Security, Agriculture, or the Federal Aviation Administration), or someone who works in a local, state, or national nonprofit association. They might be a program manager, a staff manager, or a policy analyst. 

-Ask the people you interview to describe their jobs, including the range of responsibilities they have and the knowledge, values, and skills that are important to them in their work. The following are some examples of questions you might want to ask:
* Describe the work you do and how you came to this position. What is your educational and work background?
* What impact does the work you do have on the community/state/nation/and so on?
* What do you find different or unusual about working in a public organization? How do you think your job compares to other jobs at a comparable level in business or industry?
* What knowledge, values, and skills are important to your work? For instance, if you were hiring someone to take your place, what would you look for?
* What is it that attracts you to public service? Who has inspired you to serve the public interest?
* What makes your work meaningful to you? What is frustrating about your work?
* What are your strengths and weaknesses? What could you personally improve on in your work?
* What can your organization do to improve? How can it be more efficient, more effective, more ethical, provide better service to its customers?
-Make sure to take notes on your interview and to transcribe or provide detailed, thematic findings on your responses. These need to be provided in your submission. 

-Reflection PART 2
Following your interview, please reflect on your experience. How do you feel the interview went? Did you get the information you wanted? What questions did your interview raise for you? Please provide a reflection section

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