Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

HRPO 1305 Chapters 1-4 
Book: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Essay Questions Read the assigned chapters carefully. Your essay answers should be written using complete sentences, proper grammar, punctuation, and accurate spelling. UR for your are, etc. should not be used in your answers. Do not copy and paste paragraph from the textbook or other sources. 

Answer the questions using your own words. 3-5 sentences each

1. Briefly describe the Fair Labor Standards Act. Do you know someone who has benefited from this act? Explain.

2. Briefly describe what managers/owners can and cannot do to discourage unionization.

3. Describe something you learned from reading Chapters 1-4 that was especially meaningful to you. Explain why it was meaningful to you.

4. Texas is a right-to-work state. What does that mean?

5. What is Collective Bargaining

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