Processes can make an organization successful or severely handicap its ability to serve

Week Two Introduction:

This week we begin to look at processes. For many, the process view is a different way of thinking. Processes can make an organization successful or severely handicap its ability to serve. Think about organizations that you deal with that have either really great processes or really bad ones. Deming, the American who taught the Japanese about quality, said that 85% of an organization’s problems were process related. The processes belong to management, not the workers. In other words, 85% of the problems in an organization belong to management.

If you were to visit ten churches in your area, likely at least several congregations would welcome you as a visitor. They would know you were new to their church and make certain you felt happy you came to their church. Then there would probably be several churches that acted as if they had no clue whether you attended their church regularly or not. What’s the difference? Some churches place enough emphasis on welcoming visitors that they have “processes” for identifying new people and making them feel special. Other churches hope that new people will go to the Welcome Center and identify themselves. Be cognizant of good processes and ineffective ones.

Week Two Objectives:

  1. Apply Christian principles in critical thinking.

Research how an organization currently uses processes

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