Risk and Treasury Management

Risk and Treasury Management MGMT 2068 Group Project Due April 9 th 2018. Instructions:

1. Students will be expected to form groups of six members.

2. Each group will select a deposit taking institution.

3. The group will analyse the following for the selected financial institution a. Interest Rate Risk b. Market Risk c. Liquidity Risk d. Capital adequacy. Using the tools discussed in class and in the textbook.

4. The financial institution’s financial statement found in the annual report will be able to provide a significant amount of information.

The annual report is usually available on the institution’s website. Format of the report: Maximum 10 pages single spaced, with unlimited appendices. Content 1. Introduction 2. Risk Assessment 3. Discussion of the risk assessment 4. Conclusion Rubric: Grammar, writing style etc: 15% Introduction & Conclusion: 25% Risk Assessment: 30% Discussion of Risk Assessment: 30%

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