Select a type of team in relation to MVGOs of Uber (please see the blue print below)


  1. Review different virtual team types
  2. Select a type of team in relation to MVGOs of Uber (please see the blue print below)
  3. Generate list of team principles and guidelines for a virtual team

The below info is what the student team chose as our statements and guidelines for the school project group. we would like to have these reflected in the made up MVGOs in step 2 above.

B. Mission Statement

To work cohesively and collaborate effectively on Project 4: Implementing Virtual Teams in order to exceed project requirements when producing the final deliverable.

C. Vision Statement

 Every member shall equally demonstrate the skills acquired in the MBA program in order to aid in the successful completion of this project and course  as a whole

D. Shared Values

Mutual respect: make sure everyone opinions are heard and considered; treat everyone the same

Honesty: keep everyone informed of your progress; communicate needs or struggles

Hard work: apply all effort to completion; absolute participation every step of the way

F. Desirable Team Behaviors and Consequences for Noncompliance

Commitment, fully participating so all deadlines are met and work is shared equally.

Open communication, so members can ensure all tasks are completed and everyone is aware of what others are doing

Delegation, to ensure multiple portions are being worked to ensure each task is covered

H. Team Conflict Management Plan

The team will address all conflicts directly with the individual team member(s) and collaboratively resolve the issue. Each team member is obligated to meet their assigned commitment by the deadline. Depending on the issue or level of conflict, team members will be given two chances before the issue escalated to the professor. Team members will conduct themselves as adults and when critiqued by others, learn from the critique and move on. Everyone shall put in the same amount of effort no matter the tasks, and all opinions shall be heard out whether it is used or not.

I. Statement of Team Decision Protocol

Voting process will be used and an agreement by majority of members will decide how things proceed for regular and emergency situations. Bigger decisions will be narrowed down to two options that will be decided upon by the group.  

J. Encouragement of Teamwork

Communication is key. We will keep in contact as much as our schedules allow to ensure that no one person is lacking or struggling with the project. Each member will have some form of responsibility that will be as equal and fair as possible in comparison to every other member’s responsibility with the project. This will promote participation and unity of effort for the project.

K. Team Self-Assessment Approach and Methodology

The team will assess and track progress with the use of the project plan suggested start and completion dates. If threat of possible missed milestone by individual mistakes, the other team members will adjust to make sure the void will be filled in a timely manner to stay on schedule or adjust dates of portions requiring more time. All tasks will be assigned a primary and secondary person. Task assignment can be adjusted if necessary throughout the project at assignee’s request to achieve optimal teamwork and performance.

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