Should private prisons be legal?

Must use 4 sources. our stand point is (private prisons should not be legal) would like essay by 4pm if possible.
Narrow the topic down to a specific focus. Compose an essay (4) pages long in which you state your position on an issue of your choice. Give the reasons why you support, or are against the issue. Feel free to find and use outside sources such as expert opinions or any other valid evidence that support your position. Remember to refute arguments that oppose your position.

Directions: Your answer needs to be in essay form. Therefore, you must create an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Be sure your introduction contains a broad lead-in or beginning sentence. Your introduction should end with your thesis statement.

Each of your body paragraphs should begin with topic sentences that contain ideas from the thesis. For support within each paragraph, you may use evidence from reliable sources. Be sure you end each paragraph with a concluding sentence that contains the topic sentence’s key point. In your conclusion, you must again restate your position. Also, close with an added thought: suggestion, advice, or recommendation. Since you are going to support your claim/proposal by outside sources, it is necessary for you to document your sources in a works cited page.

Attribute your sources by including parenthetical in-text citations in the body of your essay. The works cited page includes all the outside references you have quoted, summarized or paraphrased in your paper. Remember: your topic must be on an issue in which you must have an opinion.

Write four full pages of essay text

Double spaced

12-point Times New Roman

One-inch margin on each side of your page

Your name, class and date of assignment.
You do not need a cover page.
There must be a controlling idea in each body paragraph
Include in-text parenthetical citations to separate your ideas from outside sources incorporated into the essay/

In developing each body paragraph, use example, detail, explanation, observation, statistics or illustration.
 Proofread your work
. You must use at least 4 outside sources, and you must include a works cited page. It is mandatory that you use at least four outside sources in each paper written for this course. No websites without authors or page numbers. Do not include any URL in your text.

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