Situation Analysis – Bayer Aspirin

Situation Analysis – Bayer Aspirin  

3. Brand assessment (Junior)

  • Research the total sales and market share trends of your brand, if possible
    • Assess your brand’s current use of the 4Ps: Product developments, Place / distribution, Pricing, and Promotion
    • Describe your brand’s differentiating features and benefits, if any, vs. your competitors
    • Describe consumer perceptions of your brand
      • How would loyal consumers and nonusers of your brand describe it?
      • How is the brand really perceived by consumers vs. how the brand wants to be perceived?

5. SWOT analysis- Everyone

  • Internal to the company and your brand: Strengths and Weaknesses
    • External to the company and your brand: Opportunities and Threats

6. Brand marketing key issues and objectives (given #1-3)- Everyone

  • Identify 4-5 key issues facing your brand or problems the company needs to address for future marketing success.
    • Create 4-5 SMART brand objectives for your marketing plan to achieve given the brand’s key issues.
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