Strategic Plan vs. Business Continuity Plan

Strategic Planning and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans are crucial in the healthcare field. These plans assist the healthcare organization in meeting its goals and vision even when the unexpected events do occur. Preparedness is important to minimize disruption and maintain patient safety and the quality of healthcare.


Using the Internet, create a 10- to 12-page report in a Microsoft Word document that answers the following questions:

Compare and contrast the goal and purpose of a strategic plan versus a business continuity plan BCP.Describe and explain at least three advantages and pitfalls associated with BCP.Construct an efficient and effective BCP for an EMR system, which includes disaster using the BCP steps of:ObjectivesThreat AnalysisSolution DesignImplementationTesting and AcceptanceMaintenanceDescribe and explain the legal and ethical issues associated with business continuity and disaster recovery.Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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