Ethical theories (deontology, utilitarianism, virtue ethics and ethics of care

Make sure that it focuses primarily on the ethical theories you learn (deontology, utilitarianism, virtue ethics and ethics of care) to apply in the course. Also be sure to make substantial use of course resources on your topic. Outside resources will also be needed to ensure that your reader thoroughly understands your topic question and your position.
Present your topic question, 
Is there a moral difference between euthanasia and legally medicating for pain to a point that ends life?

then apply two ethical theories to reach opposing conclusions on the issue. Both applications should be objective and unbiased. 

When you apply each theory you should follow this three step process: (1) explain the principles of the theory, (2) show how you apply them to your question, (3) clearly state the answer that results. 

Be sure to review the final project assignment thoroughly before you do this assignment, so you’re clear about how you will ultimately use this material for your final project. Be concise but thorough. Submit no more than two pages.
Medical ethics
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Virtue Ethics/Ethics of care
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