First Nations and the Canadian Fur Trade (Pre-Confederation)

Working Thesis: What began as a complex relationship, in which Europeans simultaneously looked down on indigenous people and tried to understand them and take part in some traditions for monetary/land gain ultimately led to the alteration of the habits and dependencies of various First Nations groups weakened them, as did disease, and gave opportunity to Europeans to exploit the weakened groups for their own gain.

Please use the sources and thesis topic listed below. My notes and the official assignment will be attached as well, this should really just be to put all the information together under the thesis in a cohesive manner.

– Fur and the Fur Trade – From: The Saturday Magazine, Supplement, January 1842 and December 1842. 
– From “Marrying-In” to “Marrying-Out” – Sylvia Van Kirk(2002)
– Gathering Places – Podruchny(2010)
– Partners in Furs – Francis/Morantz(1983)
– Indians in the Fur Trade – Arthur Ray (1974/2005)
– Origins: Canadian History to Confederation 8th ed. – Wardhaugh & MacEachern
– Muskekowuck Athinuwick: The Original People of the Great Swampy Lands – Lytwyn (2002)
– The Reluctant Land – Cole Harris (2008)

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