ocusing on the POLITICAL themes in the films

Write a 3 to 6 page (no fewer than 3, no more than 6) analysis paper that compares one set (that’s a pair of TWO films) below – focusing on the POLITICAL themes in the films: Each paper should compare political themes in the two films below. You can choose which 2 out of the following list § Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – by George Lucas § Roger and Me (1989) and Bowling for Columbine (2002) – by Michael Moore § The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and “2012” (2009) – by Roland Emmerich § Captain America: Civil War (2016) & Black Panther (2018) – by Russo Bros. / Ryan Coogler § Patriot Games (1994) and Clear and Present Danger (1996) – by Phillip Noyce § “W” (2008) – directed by Oliver Stone and Vice (2018) – by Adam McKay Please note: Late papers may be assessed a lower grade than those turned in on time.  

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Hurricane Policies Through Esche

You are to write a two page paper (full two-pages) double-spaced as answering the following prompt. Choose one of the four main characters in Salvage the Bones (Esche, Randall, Skeetah,….

Flavor and dining in the dark activity

Flavor and dining in the dark activity Figure out a way to blindfold yourself so you are completely without vision for an entire meal (as best as possible) Have a….

Happiness Debate Essay (compare/contrast/primary sources)

Happiness Debate Essay (compare/contrast/primary sources) What makes people happiest? Watching the sun dissolve like a ball of fire into the evening sky? The ultra clean, metallic smell of a brand….